God’s Plan

God’s Plan

Who’s in control of the narrative here? At one point in my life I thought you could just write your life down or imagine it and as you work towards it it would all play out. But life isn’t like that. Life changes directions even when you do not plan it that way.

I’ve seen how my life has played out and I never could’ve written this narrative. I have ideas about what direction I want to head next, but then some days you just have something happen or meet someone new and everything changes. This isn’t our world we are playing in. There’s that big guy up there that somehow has this miraculous power that connects all of us.

Think what you have planned next is important? It just might be, but always be prepared for the unexpected. Situations are always going to arise that should take precedent over something you were mildly stressing over. Life just happens. The good and the bad. So every moment you have to be ready to take on the unexpected because sometimes your plan is not as important as it originally was thought out to be.

I think back to the morning of my accident when my parents answered the door to two police officers explaining that their son was in a horrific car accident and was critically injured. I can’t imagine being on the other side seeing their perspective and horror. I can’t imagine what that nearly 6 hour drive was like for my entire family. Nor can I imagine sitting in the Neuro ICU seeing patients pass away left and right praying that I would make it. All of our lives changed forever that day. I was not the only one effected whatsoever.

Why? The question running through everyone’s minds. Why would this happen? That question stuck for a long time. My parents saw me the day before that walking, in conversation, eating, and smiling and laughing which they weren’t going to see or hear for a long time. Staring down at me in the ICU must have been unbearable.

Time to trust the process. The prayers were pouring in. Prayers for walking. Prayers for healing. Although as the process played out and people saw my state of mind the prayers started to change. Prayers for happiness. Prayers for peace of mind and prayers for a new found love of life. Not all prayers were going to be answered. Can you tell which prayers were answered?

Happiness. God blessed me with a new found understanding of happiness that few understand. He put me through hell knowing I would turn it all around and show people that life can be turned upside down, you can royally screw up, but you can live and learn, find yourself and understand happiness through adversity.

So my narrative now? I’ve got plans and I have some big ideas, but it is out of my hands. The one thing I truly know that I’m here for though is to spread happiness each and every day. I can practice it, preach it, and use every tool I have to make sure I make people smile each and every day. That is the theme behind my narrative. God will help spread it and use me in any way plans. That’s God’s plan for me. Happiness is the theme. The narrative is being crafted each and every day.

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