Block Out the Noise… How I Ignore Hate

Block Out the Noise… How I Ignore Hate

When you live in a small residential community like I do (don’t get me wrong, I love where I live) or go to a small school, live in a small town, etc., noise is going to go around especially fast, but it also happens everywhere. Society, especially these days, knows (or at least they think they know) more about people due to social media and the ease of communication. Words travel rapidly these days. The way people perceive others varies from very positive to very negative. While someone may see someone’s work as inspiring and uplifting another person may see it as egotistical, bragging, or even just a lie.

In my life, I experience a lot of noise both good and bad. When I look back at the person that I used to be I know that I wasn’t exactly a bad person, but I wasn’t the best version of myself. I’m still not the best version of myself because that is a continuous process through growth and maturity. It is so easy just to hear the bad noise. Just to see the bad in each day. Just to see the bad in ourselves and to let the opinions of others who sometimes we’ve never met whose voices you’ve only heard behind a keyboard, someone you’ve spent very little time with, or even just someone with not a very strong friendship gets inside our heads. Maybe there are things you aren’t doing right, but this is the noise you have to block out.

The person who knows you best is you. It might sound egotistical, but you need to love yourself in order to live a happy fulfilling life. I truly do love myself and that is not a bad thing. I also have many people in my life that love me who I also love who truly know me. These people know who I am and who are the ones I should listen to. Ask questions. What can I improve on? What do I do right and what do I do wrong? Constructive criticism is the only criticism that is worth taking. If you are hearing the same type of criticism through the “noise” then ask somebody that truly loves you and understands you for their advice. People that spend a lot of time with you and understand your behavior.

Even if you are trying to do all of the right things you are not going to have everyone on your side. I know that I am a good person. I know that what I am working for is for the right reasons. I also know that I am not perfect and I make mistakes. Although one thing I am quick to do is to apologize. But sometimes I don’t even know that I did something wrong or hurt someone. So if I do let me know and I will do my best to fix the situation.

Forgiveness is something that a lot of people do not practice these days. There are some people that you feel that are unforgivable and what they have done is burned into your mind. You can still forgive these people. You don’t have to verbally do it and you don’t even have to let them back into your life. Just forgive and let go.

You can’t let a bitter person get inside your mind and make you think less of yourself. Bitter people want to bring others down and hate to see people with smiles on their faces or accomplishing anything. It makes them feel less of themselves. When what it should do is push you to want to do more.

I love this lyric by my favorite rapper that goes, “Success got everybody hating. Success to me is inspiration. Because how are we supposed to know that what we dream is possible if no one that looks like us makes it”.

I’m not saying that I’m tremendously successful. Although I know that I am way-way past where I thought I would’ve been five years ago and I’m proud of myself and I don’t think that’s wrong. I don’t post everything that I accomplish on Facebook. I do put a lot of things out there, but that’s because I know that many of you that have followed my journey know that I thought none of this was possible. I also want to push other people and make people believe in themselves. I constantly share my story because you never know who you are going to meet that can relate that needs help, knows someone that needs help, or just needs to know that things that may seem terrible may actually be a blessing.

I’m all about spreading peace, love, and happiness to everyone. I carry myself proudly because I know that I’m a strong person for making it through what I’ve been through. I love myself. I love people in general. I think there is much more good than evil in this world and I try to see the good in everyone.

Please try to see the good in me and ignore the bad or politely help me to become a better person. We all should strive to be the best versions of ourselves. I hope what I have shared will clarify some things for some people and just know that if the noise continues it’s not going to faze me so don’t waste your energy. Spread love and stop the hate. I love you all!

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