WHY I’M HERE… It’s Quite Simple

WHY I’M HERE… It’s Quite Simple

If you felt some way in your life where the emotional suffering was so unbearable that you would not wish anyone in the world to go through it, wouldn’t it be worth fighting to make sure that happens to no one else?

Physical pain is one thing, but emotional pain I think leaves an even bigger scar.

The driving force in my life that keeps me smiling is looking back on that first year and realizing that I’ve won. I just know now that no matter what Iife throws at me I will never go back to living in emotional agony. There is no reason to live that way. There is no reason to live a life of complaints, regrets, fear, self pity, anxiety, and constant stress and fear of the future.

A second chance didn’t seem appealing it first. What did I have left to live for? The answer I found to be most satisfying was others. I believe that is the reason we are here. By helping others I was helping myself. All I was doing was sharing a story and my emotions. It was that simple. I wanted people to realize that they were not alone and that it’s OK to feel defeated. The outcome of my story was the true testimony. All I had to do was go on living after a tragedy that people would think would ruin your life and make a new story where I proved that life can get better no matter what your situation is. Even better than a life before where I thought I had everything.

A smile is powerful. A smile that has faced adversity is even more powerful.

People who meet me for the first time don’t expect me to be as happy as I am. When people that really know me tell others that I rarely, if ever, complain they have a hard time believing that it is true. I rarely ever get mad, angry, or upset. People just don’t think it’s normal. It’s because it isn’t normal. The world we live in is full of people complaining about the smallest things, people holding grudges, people getting angry for no reason, or people that are constantly just upset. It’s hard to find people that are content these days.

I’m not trying to give myself all this self praise. It’s just an observation of the world around me now that I see things from a different perspective. I just got to the point where I said enough was enough. Once you go through so much you get tired of being angry. You get tired of complaining, tired of crying, and tired of feeling bad for yourself. You start to question if it really is that bad. You start to ask yourself what is there left to live for? The answer for everyone is that there is an infinite amount of things for you to experience. There are so many people in this world that if you tried you would never meet all of them. There are so many places to see that you could never visit them all in a lifetime. There are so many conversations to be had. There is just an overwhelming amount of life to be lived by everyone.

This is my second chance. I know that I am here for a reason and so far my purpose has been clearly revealed to me.

All I need to do is live my life, be happy, and be a testimony to others that no matter what life throws at you there is always something to live for.

No complaints. No regrets. No fear. No anger. No sadness. Just love, happiness, laughter, adventure, opportunity, and an appreciation for every second that you are living in right now.


  • Grant Fisher

    I’ve been through similar and I agree. I do enjoy reading your blogs. Take care bud.

    Grant Fisher

  • peterslg@aol.com

    Beautifully put Adam! So happy for you. Linda Peters

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  • Kim Gagnon

    I think of you daily as I struggle with my loss. You make me realize that life is worthy of every moment, painful or joyous. Just live every moment.
    Thank you


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