A Call to Action: What I am Fighting For

A Call to Action: What I am Fighting For

What am I fighting for? At first it was a battle against myself. A battle against my mind. My inner voice was telling me that it was over. Then I started to hear whispers telling me that this life wasn’t finished. That whisper grew louder and eventually it took over that inner voice that was telling me to give up on myself. I’m not schizophrenic, but now there is this inner voice that drives me every day to keep moving forward. No matter what I accomplish my mind tells me that there’s unfinished business.

I live in a constant state of euphoria and optimism about each day and about what the future holds. It kills me to see all the negativity and pessimism in this world today. I observe people a lot. I see a lot of unhappy people in the society that we live in. So I start conversations. I am not at all afraid to approach a random stranger. Positivity is contagious and that’s what I want to spread. I believe that by being in my physical condition and going up to a random stranger with a smile on my face and optimism in my voice is powerful and it confuses them and makes them question their own mindset. The wheelchair gives me leverage. I think so many people see one and associate it with misery so I am able to throw people off when my attitude is opposite of what people believe is the social norm for someone in a wheelchair.

So this is what I’m fighting for. I fought so hard to find peace of mind and true happiness. It’s something that so many people in this world are lacking. So through all my struggles I found those strategies to live a life where I am content on a day to day basis and now my purpose is to help others achieve peace of mind, realize their purpose, potential, and help them believe that life can get better.

The people that I have met in my lifetime that seem to be the most grateful for what they have are the ones that have endured some sort of tragedy and used that experience to realize what they have left to live for. There are many people that get lucky throughout their lives and get away with reckless behavior without any consequences. Those people never really realize how good they have it. It takes consequences to learn lessons. Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom and have to fight your way back to the top to really appreciate what you have in life. There are many people that I’ve met that have learned how to appreciate life this way. Although there are also those that live in self-pity and let a tragedy define them. People need to understand that we are going to be tested in our lives, but you need to use the negative situations that you endure to learn the most valuable lessons of your life.

I urge you if you are struggling to find that silver lining and translate it into something positive. Appreciate all of the good moments in your life. Realize that the negative moments in your life translate into life lessons and turn into something positive. Never dwell on the past. Live in the present. Be optimistic about the future.

When I end my speeches I always leave them with this call to action. I tell people to think about what I would do if I were given just one more day to walk again. Think about what that day would be like for me. I would not take one second for granted. So try to live your life in that way.

Be truly grateful for everything that you have in this life. I am more grateful than ever before when you may look at me and think that so much was taken away. I just feel that I have gained so much more than I have lost. Be grateful for your mind for that is the most powerful thing that you have. Now go out and live your life and realize that whether you have a good day or a bad day every struggle sets you up for success in the future.


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