Best Man Speech – From Aaron’s Best Man to My Best Man

Best Man Speech – From Aaron’s Best Man to My Best Man

I’d like to take a moment to thank Jess for giving me this opportunity to speak outside of the country for the first time to share my story. I will be signing copies of “Well… I Guess I’m Not Jesus (hey-Zeus)” in the back immediately after my speech.

Of course I’m just messing around. Today is not my day. Today is a celebration of two extremely important people in my life coming together and finally officially being able to call Jess a member of our family even though she has been an instrumental part of this family for many years.

Now Aaron is my other half and I would not be the same person without him, but I can’t figure out the math about what percentage belongs to Jess now and what portion belongs to me. Although no matter what percentage Jess allows me to keep I know that even the smallest percentage would be enough because Aaron has the biggest heart out of anyone I know. I mean he even fixes hearts for a living.

Growing up as a twin is the best thing you could ever ask for. Aaron has and always will be my best friend. I’ve always had someone to play with, grow with, and learn with.

Most of you would never guess this, but growing up I was always the shyest kid in school. I wasn’t the one making friends. The friends that I made were the ones that Aaron made in school and would invite to come over to play. Aaron is impossible not to love and he attracted the most incredible people from such a young age. Many of those friends that Aaron made are still part of our close circle of friends today and are with us right here celebrating in Mexico.

So throughout our childhood Aaron was right there next to me. Then when college came around we went our separate ways. The hardest part about going to college was being two hours away from my best friend. I know the thing that I was missing was what Aaron had that I lacked completely. That thing was common sense. I could’ve used that down at Ohio State.

My biggest mistake in college was not staying close enough to Aaron. As I made mistakes our relationship started to fall apart and that is my biggest regret in college. I was 100% to blame.

Aaron was there for me every day that I spent in the psych ward. He was so patient as I fought to regain control of my mind and eventually he got his brother back. Then we spent another two years apart when I was back at Ohio State and I started to make the same mistakes. Things would have been different if Aaron was the one guiding me because he has never once gone down the wrong path. I’m the older one, but Aaron was born with a compass in his hand always leading him in the right direction.

When I woke up in the ICU I was surrounded by my entire family. I couldn’t imagine what it what it would feel like if I woke up in an empty room. It was by far the scariest moment of my life, but having my family there made me believe 100% that everything would be okay.

I remember one day in the ICU when Aaron asked me if I was scared. My answer was no. That’s the power that this family has. Aaron and everyone in this family have so much love and support for each other that no matter what we’re going through we give each other faith.

Jess was there from day one too. She was so supportive of me, but more importantly she was there to reassure Aaron that everything would be okay.

I came home from the hospital and it was the darkest time in my life, but there was Aaron. Aaron had just graduated from nursing school and I think it was fate for him to become a nurse because that is what he has always done. He takes care of people.

He took care of me and got me up every morning. Before getting out of bed we would sit there and I would try to move anything I could. Things just became more and more discouraging as nothing would move, but Aaron was strong and patient. He was the one that knew that everything would be okay. He instilled hope in me as each day passed.

All he wanted was for me to be happy again. He tried to get me to focus on other things. We would go work out together. He would go out of his way to include me in everything that we did. Aaron wanted his brother back and he made it his priority for me to have something to smile about. He knew deep down that life would go on and things would get better. He taught me the lesson that the best way to help yourself is to help others. He is selfless and is always one to shine light on others rather than himself. He wanted me to shine again.

The greatest blessing that came from what most would see as a tragic situation is that it brought Aaron and I back together. The two halves are now whole again and our bond is stronger than ever. I have my best friend that I once lost. Aaron never lost hope in me, I just forgot that I was born with the greatest gift anyone could ever ask for. Someone who would stand by me through anything. Someone who loves others more than life itself. His heart is the definition of love.

So now it is time to pass on my other half to Jess, but we’re still going to have to share a little bit because I need him in my life.

Jess, I know that you are perfect for Aaron and this family. I have loved watching the two of you grow together into something truly special. I know that we are twins and that he is my other half, but you make him whole. I have so much love for both of you. You bring the same kind of happiness to Aaron’s life that he has brought to mine and I want nothing more for my brother.

Aaron, you know I have loved you since the minute I waited to meet you when we were brought into this world. I love you Jess, and the love that you have for my brother, for me, this family, and for life itself. You are the amazing piece to the puzzle that my brother has always deserved and of course he loves you and will love you more than anything or anyone because he understands the meaning of love more than anyone. My family and I have been waiting for this day for you to become a part of our family for a long time. We are so incredibly grateful that you will forever be a part of our lives. Welcome to the family! I love you both more than anything.


  • Robert Nicholson

    Congratulations Aaron and Jess! Adam this is a great tribute to the incredible bond you have with your brother. Many blessings upon you and your family. Peace. Love. Prayers.

  • Kim and Gilles Gagnon

    Thoughtful and loving. Gilles and I felt so happy to be a part of this wonderful union and event and most importantly your loving family. Rock on Adam.

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